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MechWarrior "Annihilation" Booster Case

MechWarrior "Annihilation" Booster Case
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There are 48 packs in a case & 4 figures in each pack.

Get ready for hard-hitting mechanical death in MechWarrior: Annihilation! With the Age of Destruction well underway, House Kurita and Clan Nova Cat stand united, their military might an unrivaled destructive force—leaving the other Houses little choice but to fight this new threat. Prepare to add the shattering carnage of Annihilation to your MechWarrior battleforce! In addition, exclusive, super-rare ’Mechs™ will be available only in Booster Packs.

MechWarrior: Annihilation introduces 81 new units, including four super-rare units and one ultra-rare unit—a ’Mech representing the next faction to debut in the MechWarrior: Age of Destruction universe! MechWarrior: Annihilation also adds 23 gear cards, 23 pilot cards, 8 planetary condition cards, 8 mission cards, and 8 faction pride cards to the game. With the exception of Super-Rare figures, most players will find that they receive the entire set in one case!
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