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MechWarrior "Firepower" Booster Case

MechWarrior "Firepower" Booster Case
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There are 48 packs in a case & 4 figures in each pack.

MechWarrior: Firepower brings more offensive might to every MechWarrior game! Aggressive House Kurita attacks the Inner Sphere in their stylized, samurai-like 'Mechs, new Assault 'Mechs and Quads round out existing factions while House Davion and House Steiner arrive in full force! Mission cards add a new twist to the game, introducing extra victory conditions.

MechWarrior: Firepower introduces 83 new warriors, 6 of which are super rare and 1 ultra-rare 'Mech. The ultra-rare 'Mech is a preview of the next new faction to make its presence felt in the MechWarrior universe! MechWarrior: Firepower also adds 25 gear cards, 25 pilot cards, 8 planetary condition cards, 8 mission cards, and 8 faction pride cards to the MechWarrior universe!
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